Why schools and temples should remain with the government in India

  1. Entering into a temple wasn't an easy one for most people in the land, people have been denied a place of worship. And the government has broken this barrier and helped its people in getting equal treatment. Freeing the temples from the government can bring back what we have been trying to abolish.
  2. It's natural when something is privatized the organization owning it will have an upper hand in many decision-making processes, which might alienate a group/section of people. there’s no necessity to quote an example here as there are plenty of fish in the sea(try it by yourself).
  1. Government has build schools even in interiors or fewer habitat areas. This might not be the case otherwise. Why would someone step up a school where only a few people study? And what about the new fee structure?
  2. Many argue that govt can provide a subsidy and institutions will take care of the quality. My question is why can't the government do both? Didn't the Delhi model prove that government schools match private school standards?




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